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    Computer Repair Bronx know to do it right first time every time.Our services have been around for a long time now and we have repaired thousands of computer in brooklyn
All Our brooklyn technicians are fully licensed and trained and we guarantee NO FIX NO FEE.
This means if we are unable to resole your issue for any reason we do not charge. Compare our prices with anyone else and you will see the value in having your system repaired by us.
So Pick up the phone and call 718-5099369  to no1 repair compony . you have noting  to lose.
High train techiciansis - no fix no fee
call now 718-5099369 to Kedem Computer Repair Bronx
Few Of Our Services
Blue screen errors
Infection removal
Slow computer
Error messages
No Internet
Printer problems
Wireless router issues
Viruses and Trojans
Microsoft Office Repair
Browser 404 errors
XP Vista Repair
Blue screen errors
Software installations
XP Repair
Spyware removals
Hardware softwear repair for office & home
and much more
We offer remotely, and in person computer repair & computer support services in Bronx and surrounding areas. We will come to your home or office, and there are never any travel charges.
We work when it's convenient to you. We We'll send a highly qualified technician to repair your computer or laptop and help you with any of your computer issues.

Virus Removal & Spyware Removal
Is your computer running slow? Freezes up? Are you getting a lot of pop-ups? If so your computer might be infected with viruses or spyware. Viruses & spyware can cause your computer to run slow, freeze up a lot and cause unexpected pop-ups.
we wiill fix it in no  time.
Software installation & upgrades
Do you need new application installed, old software removed or upgraded? We can remove any old software that's taking up space and resources on you computer. If you have applications that are not working properly we can repair them and make them work again.

Call us at:718-5099369

We urge you to read about the services we offer, view our other differnt services and visit some of the websites that we have created. Our aim is to produce quality work that is quite affordable.Our staff  are qualified professionals, which enables us to deliver high quality services and results every time.

 So feel free to contact us regarding your needs and we will help you reach your goals.

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Using remote support technology we link your computer to ours virtually to repair your computer while you watch. Fact: 98% of all personal computer problems are software related, this means that in almost all cases we don't need to physically "touch" your machine.
Just sit and relax and  let  our  pro  take care on your computer
 Let us help fix your computer the right way. We offer both
remotely, and in person computer solutions, so call us now and we solving your computer issues.
Contact us by phone at

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